Easy Listening / Easy Listening [2]


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1. Top Of The World
2. Calcutta
3. Fascination
4. Green Green Grass Of Home
5. I Believe In Music
6. Mona Lisa
7. Song Of The Pearl Fisher
8. Spanish Eyes
9. Strangers In The Night
10. A Time For Us (Love Theme From "Romeo And Juliet")
11. Goodbye To Love
12. Bless The Beasts And The Children
13. An Old Fashioned Love Song
14. Ben
15. Nadia's Theme
16. The Diary
17. Beyond the Reef


The tune list on the pack label is in the wrong order. Tune 1 is actually "Top Of The World" while Tune 10 is "A Time For Us". The accompanying booklet lists the tunes in the correct order.

The list at WarrantyVoid also gives an additional tune 14. Call Me (Theme From "American Gigolo") which is not present on my example.

The Japanese version of RO-303 is called "Easy Listening [2]".