Casio PT-80 and MT-18

ROM Pack Compatible Keyboards

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Casio MT-18 and PT-80 Keyboards


The MT-18 is a larger version of the PT-80, with bigger buttons and keys and a black casing, but both models operate and sound exactly the same. The PT-80 was also available in black and red, but these colour variations seem to be very rare.

The monophonic voices sound similar to the PT-82/PT-87, but slightly warmer and less strident. The rhythms and accompaniment, however, sound quite different, with more complex rhythm patterns, deeper bass blips, clicks and longer noise pulses, which do not suffer from the "metallic" timbre often heard on similar keyboards.

Instead of using the left-hand part of the main keyboard to select chords, the PT-80 and MT-18 use an array of small buttons (as does the PT-50).  To obtain minor or seventh chords, the chord button must be pressed simultaneously with one of three even smaller grey buttons placed beneath. I personally find this very fiddly, and often hit the wrong chord. But with practice I expect it would become easier.

ROM Pack music is rendered nicely, but I personally prefer the sound of the smaller PT-82/PT-87 keyboards.

The built-in speaker in both models is nothing to write home about, but an output jack is provided for using an external amplifier. My MT-18 even came with the original Casio-branded AA batteries, still sealed in cellophane. Whether they are any good after all these years is uncertain, but I am not going to open them to find out.

My MT-18 still has its original £77.50 price sticker attached, from John Lewis, and it looks like this has been stuck over a previous price of £89.00.

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