ZX Spectrum Stuff

Spectrum Programs

Disk Dump by Eurico Covas - Dumps the entire contents of a +3 disk to a series of tape files, or reads such files back from tape and writes back to disk. Originally intended to be used as a disk backup tool, this is now very handy for transferring disk images between an emulated +3 and a real physical +3. I was sent a tape version of this program, but this was obviously originally intended to be run from disk as it doesn't work properly when loaded from tape. It is perhaps also worth noting that this utility does not have to be used with Spectrum disks. It also works with disks for other Amstrad machines that use the same disk format, including the CPC range and some members of the PCW range.

Wye Valley Compiler - A BASIC Compiler for 16k and 48k spectra (TAP file, contains both 16k and 48k versions)

Minuetz - A Mozartian music generator for 48k spectrum. (TAP file, only works in 48k mode on 128)

Minuetz Version 2 by Ian Collier - A 3-channel 128k version of the original Minuetz program! Brilliant!

Minuetz Version 3 for Spectrum Next, by Simon N Goodwin. Simon has also provided a couple of screenshots which look excellent!

Spectrum-related Utilities

FILE2TAP Version 0.3 - MS-DOS utility to convert any PC file into a Spectrum-loadable "Bytes:" block. Outputs a TAP file. I originally produced this as part of my AY player project, but it is useful as a stand-alone utility to load any kind of file into the Spectrum.

XZX2TAP Version 1 - Simple utility to convert XZX format Tape files (sometimes called XZF1 format) into the much more widely-supported TAP format. Mainly written for my own personal ends, so it's not very "pretty", but it works.

Fuller Box-related Files

The Fuller Box contained an AY-3-8912 sound chip, but sadly it was controlled by different i/o ports from the chip built into the Spectrum 128 machines. Very few commercial programs supported the Fuller Box, and the supplied demo program was, to be polite, awful. However, here is...

Bubble Bobble with Fuller Box Music - a hacked version of Bubble Bobble that plays that ridiculously catchy in-game music via the Fuller Box!

Xenophobe Music for the Fuller Box - an AY file that plays the music from the Xenophobe game via the Fuller Box. (Play it using SpecAY).

Miscellaneous Files

Multiface 128 ROM version 87.12 - The ROM from my original Multiface 128. This particular version of the ROM did not seem to be available anywhere else. (Thanks to the folks on the WoS Forums for assistance with extracting this!)

Spectrum +2 Service Manual - The Service Manual for the original (grey-cased) Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2.