Yamaha PSS-130

Portable Keyboard

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Yamaha PSS-130 Keyboard

Despite appearances, my example (shown above) does not have damage to its button strip. This is actually the original protective plastic film which has never been removed from the buttons, and is torn in a few places.


The PSS-130 is a basic little keyboard with a nice selection of sounds, many of which sound very similar to the PSS-160, except the Vibrato effect is rather more severe. It has 8 voices and 8 rhythms (consisting of "blips" and metallic-sounding noise pulses, not unlike the PSS-160's rhythms) but sadly no auto accompaniment. Polyphony is only 2-note.

There is also a Melody Memory which, like on the PSS-160, is rather small and low-resolution, so is not of much use.

The built-in Demo tune is a rather boring, monophonic rendition of "Yankee Doodle". It is interesting to note, however, that while the demo tune is playing, it is still possible to play the keyboard manually, and the full 2-note polyphony is retained for manual play. Additionally, it is possible to select different voices which affect manual play only, while the demo tune continues to use its programmed voice. So, by playing along to the demo tune, it is possible to achieve 3-note polyphony and two different voices sounding simultaneously. (This differs from the PSS-160, which disables manual play while the demo is playing.)

There is no output socket provided, but the built-in speaker is quite respectable. Unfortunately, the volume control acts "digitally" so reducing the output volume affects the quality of the sounds.

Quite a nice little keyboard, but it's a shame there is no output socket, and no "proper" volume control.

Audio Samples

Sorry, there are no audio samples of the PSS-130 available yet.

Instruction Manual

The Operating Manual for the PSS-130 can be downloaded from the Yamaha Manual Library.