Yamaha PS-400

Portable Keyboard

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Yamaha PS-400


The PS-400 is one of a family of two keyboards introduced in around 1982. It is very similar to its PS-300 sibling, and sounds the same, but adds a couple of extra voices and some additional features. My PS-400 is black in colour, while my PS-300 is beige; I do not know if any colour variations were available for these models. Both models came with a colour-matched plastic carrying case.

As well as all the features found on the PS-300, the PS-400 has a Transposer, a Chord Sequence memory, and a Duet function, which automatically harmonises each note played according to the selected chord key. Interestingly, when the Duet function is enabled, the keyboard retains two-note polyphony. Even the much later and much more sophisticated PSS-780 becomes monophonic when its Duet function is enabled.

The PS-400 also has an auto arpeggio feature, which adds a rippling effect to the auto accompaniment, similar to the PC-100, and a "4-bar Variation" button, which invokes an automatic rhythm percussion variation every fourth bar.

Rhythm, Chord and Arpeggio volumes are all independently adjustable using what feel like analogue sliders, but the levels are actually stepped.

As typical for Yamaha keyboards, the small built-in speaker sounds remarkably good, but there are both Aux out and Headphone sockets should you wish to use external amplification.

This is a very nice sounding keyboard. Its voices are virtually identical to the PS-300 and the later PS-200, and very close to the PC-100's sounds.

Audio Samples

Sorry, there are no audio samples of the PS-400 yet. 

Instruction Manual

The Operating Manual for the PS-400 can be downloaded from the Yamaha Manual Library.