Casio ROM Packs I Own
Sunday 19th May 2024  21:29 BST

Concertmate RO-555	Home Melodies
Liwaco ROM	"Liwaco ROM"
RO-101	The Hit Parade [Japanese]
RO-103	New Music [Japanese]
RO-104	Enka Vol.1 [Japanese]
RO-108	Enka [3] [Japanese]
RO-110	Easy Listening [3] [Japanese]
RO-113	Young Best Hits [Japanese]
RO-114	Enka [5] [Japanese]
RO-116	Young Hits [2] [Japanese]
RO-117	New Music [5] [Japanese]
RO-118	Screen Themes [3] [Japanese]
RO-119	Children's Songs [3] [Japanese]
RO-121N	Enjoy Chord Guide [Japanese]
RO-124Y	Young Best Hits [6] [Japanese]
RO-125E	Enka [9] [Japanese]
RO-128P	Oldies [Japanese]
RO-151	Paul Mauriat [Japanese]
RO-155	Anime [Japanese]
RO-158	Songs for Children [1] [Japanese]
RO-159	Children's Songs [2] [Japanese]
RO-162	Anime [2] [Japanese]
RO-163	Pops [Japanese]
RO-166	Animation Themes [3] [Japanese]
RO-167K	Children's Songs [6] [Japanese]
RO-174Y	Young Hits [4] [Japanese]
RO-176Y	Young Hits [5] [Japanese]
RO-181S	Standards [2] [Japanese]
RO-184T	Elementary School Music [1] [Japanese]
RO-185T	Elementary School Music [2] [Japanese]
RO-186T	Elementary School Music [3] [Japanese]
RO-190K	Children's Songs [12] [Japanese]
RO-192Y	Young Best Hits [9] [Japanese]
RO-201	Fun with your Casio Keyboard
RO-251	How to Play your Casio ROM Keyboard
RO-252	Film Classics
RO-253	Pop/Rock
RO-254	Movie Pops
RO-255	Rock On
RO-256	Top Pops
RO-257	Super Songs
RO-258	Latin Hits
RO-259	Pop Hits
RO-260	Music Collection
RO-261	Pop Selection
RO-262	Country Greats
RO-263	Hymns & Gospel
RO-264	Pop Country
RO-265	Pop Superstars
RO-266	Songs for Children
RO-268	Golden Hits
RO-269	Rhythm and Blues
RO-270	Christmas
RO-271	Beatles No.1 Hits
RO-272	Rock & Roll Classics
RO-273	Best of Motown
RO-274	Hot Pop & Rock
RO-275	Today's Superstars
RO-276	T.V. Tunes
RO-277	When You Wish Upon A Star and Other Disney Movie Songs
RO-278	Songs of Sesame Street
RO-279	Solid Gold Rock & Pop
RO-281	Chartbusting Pop
RO-282	New Kids on the Block Greatest Hits
RO-301	Popular Hits / Easy Listening
RO-302	Latin
RO-303	Easy Listening / Easy Listening [2]
RO-351	Best of Carpenters
RO-352	All Time Movie Hits
RO-353	Beatles
RO-354	Pop Themes
RO-355	Jazz Standards / Great Standards
RO-356	Disney Movie Magic
RO-357	Christmas Songs [Japanese]
RO-451	Chinese Folk Songs [1]
RO-453 II	Arabian Nights
RO-454	Popular Hindi Film Songs
RO-551	World Songs
RO-552	Classic
RO-553	Have Fun with Hopsie!
RO-554	Family Songs
RO-556	DH Songs & Rhythms
RO-560	New Kids on the Block Greatest Hits
RO-582	DH Tunes & Rhythms [Japanese]
RO-611K	Children's Songs Best [3] [Japanese]
RO-613A	Animation Themes [8] [Japanese]
RO-614Y	Young Best Hits [11] [Japanese]
RO-702	Sound Kids 'Excitement'(?) [2] [Japanese]
RO-802E	Enka [10] [Japanese]
RO-804M	Digital Horn Lessons [Japanese]